Yuyou Chen

Yuyou Chen photo

Position Title
Undergraduate research intern

B.S in Environmental Science and Management (GIS track) and B.A. in Economics


Yuyou is a fourth-year undergrad at UC Davis who is working on a project to simultaneously maximize water and nitrogen use efficiencies in irrigated maize, in collaboration with grain cropping systems specialist Mark Lundy. By assigning economic and environmental damage costs to these inputs, she will quantify tradeoffs between food production and sustainability goals to identify balanced yet profitable management strategies.   

Throughout four years in college, she has completed coursework in environmental policy management, agricultural resource economics, statistics, and econometrics. After finishing her second year in college, she worked as a Research Assistant at the Carbon Trust Asia Office in Beijing, China, where she works on accounting the life cycle GHG of a bamboo tissue product for a papermaking company in China. She also had been interning at UC Davis Energy Conservation Office in Summer 2019, where she analyzed energy and GHG performance of two old on-campus buildings. Her coursework and internship experiences shaped her interested areas in Agricultural Economics, Renewable Energy, and Environmental Sustainability. During her spare time, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and playing table tennis.