Cameron M. Pittelkow

Cameron Pittelkow

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Agronomy and Agroecosystems

PES 3132

Cameron joined the Department of Plant Sciences in 2019. He is an agronomist who places equal emphasis on food security and environmental sustainability. His research is focused on developing cropping systems and management strategies to enhance productivity while minimizing nitrogen, carbon, water, and energy footprints in agriculture.

Cameron was Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois from 2014-2019 before moving to UC Davis. He maintains Adjunct status there while finishing projects and advising graduate students until completion of their degrees. He received his BA in Environmental Biology from Colgate University, and his MS and PhD degrees from UC Davis in International Agricultural Development and Agronomy, respectively.


B.A. Environmental Biology, Colgate University, 2005

M.S. International Agricultural Development, University of California, Davis 2010

Ph.D. Agronomy, University of California, Davis 2013